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How To Apply Mascara Easily and Look Gorgeous

Everything in life has its trick, its technique and it is clear that makeup is no exception. Cosmetic products are great allies to help us highlight our strengths and make us look beautiful, but they must also be used wisely. If you are one of those who loves to have a striking look that awakens passions, surely you like to highlight your eyes, that is why we give you some tricks so that you know how to apply mascara easily.

Steps to follow:


If you want to achieve a really impressive result and maximize the effect of the mascara then before applying the product use the eyelash curler . This device that seems to come straight out of the 50's is very simple, you just have to put your eyelashes inside and press making them notice much more

How to Apply Mascara Easily - Step 1


If after the first coat of mascara you do not feel that you have achieved the effect you want, do not be afraid to apply a second coat as long as the end result is not clumpy lashes. Remove the excesses with the special broom for it


As for the shades of mascara, black is the classic one and works very well for all types of people, however if you do not feel comfortable with it you can always opt for a transparent mascara to respect the color of your eyelashes. This also allows you to wear a more natural look


Waterproof masks are a good option for when necessary, a rainy day, a trip to a place where you know that there is water involved, but preferably avoid them daily as they are very difficult to remove and over time they can make your eyelashes brittle and brittle


And when it comes to getting rid of the mascara,remember to use a special product to remove the makeup from your eyes, in this way you will be able to take much more care of your eyelashes and the delicate skin of this area.

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