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Skin Care

5 organic methods to develop pink lips

To achieve pinker lips, people sell and use a lot of ointments today. These ointments contain numerous hazardous and poisonous ingredients and may cause more harm than good.

Dark lips might be a result of genetics, hyperpigmentation, or lifestyle decisions including smoking. Dark lips can also result from vitamin deficiencies, allergies, and harsh weather conditions.

Some people find having black lips uncomfortable. They might attempt going the natural path to achieve pink lips.

Try the natural therapies listed below:

1. Milk and turmeric

The melanin-inhibiting effects of turmeric contribute to skin lightening. Apply a mixture of a tablespoon of milk and turmeric powder to your lips for five minutes. Then, wash it with cold water.

2. Lemon and sugar

Sugar and lemon can be used to scrub the lips. Lemon juice should be extracted, sugar added, and then lips should be rubbed with it overnight.

3. Coconut Oil

See your lips lighten as you consistently massage coconut oil into them.

4. Aloe vera

Because aloe vera serves as a melanin inhibitor, it can lighten the lips and skin. When it has dry, apply some to your lips and then wash it off with warm water. For improved results, you might also include some honey in the mixture.


Beetroot can make lips appear pinker. Beetroot that has been peeled and juiced. After applying it to your lips, wait 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Furthermore, moisturize your lips by drinking lots of water.

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