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Skin Care

Super Easy Steps to Follow at Home For Clear Glowing Skin.

Every one wants their skin to be in perfect healthy condition and sometimes we spends lots of money to keep it that way, but there are a few habits you can easily follow that will help prevent problems like dark spots, breakouts etc. These habits help fight bacteria, remove dirt that clogs up pores and keep it moisturized.

These habits include:

Don't pop pimples- popping pimples is very tempting and we usually think that they will disappear after we pop them but this only makes it worse and they might spread the infection and they definitely leave a dark spot which takes a long time to fade off. So if you have a pimple, best to leave it alone, it will heal eventually. Or find ways to heal it faster without popping it.

Drink water - to keep your skin moisturized from the inside, drink lots of water.

Wash face before bed - never go to sleep without washing your face. Wash off any dirt or make up you got on your face during the day. Also create a night skin care routine to follow daily.

Minimize make up use - go a day or two without make up and let your skin breathe.

Drink detox water - get rid of toxins in your body by drinking lemon juice, cucumber or green tea because these toxins can cause acne breakouts.

Face masks - these help with exfoliation, getting rid of white and black heads. Clay masks are the best for this.

These are tips to help out with the basic issues that lead to skin breakouts. Follow these simple steps and your skin will thank you for it.

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