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Skin Care

Use these natural ways to make your skin tender and bright

In the current lifestyle, bleaching has become common thing in the world moreso in Africa. Both women and men are ready to go to any extent just to lighten their skin l. We find out that cream lightening creams are expensive and has got side effects.

These are some of the many natural ways which work best for skin brightening though takes time compared to lightening creams and lotion.

1) potato paste

Regular application of potato paste on your skin can help brighten up your skin . This is because potato rejuvenates your skin cells and also contain skin lightening enzymes which can help remove acne and dark spots.

2) Lemon juice

We all know that lemon is mainly known for its natural bleaching properties. It is enriched with citric acid that scurfs and lighten up skin. Can also be used to reduce stretch marks visibility.

3) Pineapple

Ripe pineapple is enriched with bromeliad enzymes and anti inflammatory which helps peel your skin and remove dead skin when consistently used on the skin.


Blend a cup of pineapple and put it in a bowl, add 2tps of tumeric powder and mix well. Apply on your skin and leave for about 30 mins. Wash off using warm water.

4) Pawpaw

Regular pawpaw use on skin help brighten your skin complexion because ripe pawpaw is rich in natural bleaching enzymes. These bleaching properties help nourish your skin and protects it against sunburns.


Add 2 tps of lemon juice to mashed ripe pawpaw (1cup) mix well and apply in your skin . Hold for 20-30 minutes . Rince off with warm water.

5) Yogurt honey mask

Combination of yorgut and honey can be very effective on your skin. Yogurt is filled with skin lightening enzymes while honey is good at mosturizing skin .


Add 1tps of pure honey to half a cup of plain natural yogurt on a clean bowl . Stir to mix then apply on your clean skin . Hold for 30 mins. Wash off with warm water .

Trust me if you practice those ways consistently you won't regret.

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