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Turn Gray Hair To Black With This Simple Basics.

It is normal for hair color to change, as people age. But white hair can appear at almost any time in life. Even teenagers and people in their 20s may notice strands of white hair.

The human body has millions of hair follicles or small sacs lining the skin.

If you’re worried because you’ve spotted a few gray hairs, you can make lifestyle changes that can help you keep your original hair color longer.

While some people celebrate gray hair as a sign of maturity and wisdom, many feel that they look older when their hair starts growing gray and would like the gray to go away for a more youthful appearance.

Make your gray hair black in this simple steps;

What you need: 

One strongly-brewed cup of black coffee.

How to do it:

•Brew the pot of coffee and wait until it cools down.

•Go to the bathroom or someplace where you can pour the coffee through your hair while massaging it in.

•When that's done, you just have to let it sit in your hair for 20 minutes until it's absorbed.

•Now, rinse your hair with water only (no shampoo).

Repeat the process twice a week.

Coconut and Lemon

For blondes, one of the best natural ways to cover gray hairs is with lemon. The added coconut oil in this mixture helps prevent the graying of hair by preserving the pigment cells in your hair. An extra benefit that you get from using this method is that your hair will smell amazing, too!

What you need: 

•2 tbsp coconut oil

•1 tbsp lemon juice (squeezed from a lemon)

How to do it:

✓Mix the ingredients in a bowl until it's one liquid.

✓Massage it into your scalp and go down to the tips until everything's covered.

✓Leave it in for 30 minutes.

✓Rinse it out with water and mild sulfate-free shampoo.

Repeat the process twice a week

More to come.Share and comment.

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