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Most Expensive Watch Ever Made On Earth (PHOTOS)

Time is a precious thing given to man kind, therefore there is need to organize and structure it appropriately so that we can run our daily activities appropriately. Therefore to monitor time appropriately, one needs a watch, hence explains why many companies have made watches of different kinds all over the world to suit everyone. And as usual some companies have made most valuable watches that top world wide.

Therefore today allow me present to you the most expensive watch ever created on earth. The watch was created by London based Graff Diamond,it was then named Graff Diamond Hallucination. The watch boasts a cost of $55 million and of course it boasts several luxurious properties that other watches lack, for instance it is made of several diamond colors such as Fancy vivid yellow, Fancy intense pink,Fancy intense blue, Fancy light pink and many others. In other words the watch is full of diamond.

However this watch is best for ladies and of course those with huge net worth. A lady that buys this watch is obviously rich. Take a look at the stunning photos of the watch below.

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Graff Diamond Graff Diamond Hallucination London Most


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