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Skin Care

Wonderful uses of lemon

We all know that lemon juice is great addition to water, but did you know there are other ways to use lemon?

Let me give you some of the wonderful uses at home

1. Lemon can be used to make your hair stronger and shinier. Add a drop of lemon juice to your shampoo before washing. You can also use it at night if you have excessive scalp dullness or flakiness.

2. For teeth whitening. When brushing your teeth, mix a little lemon juice into your baking soda. Lemon's citric acid will remove stubborn stains from your teeth while also cleaning them.

3. Removal of fungal infections on nails. If you have fungal infections on your nails mix some lemon juice with some coconut oil and apply it to your nails every day.

4. Bathroom cleaning. Squeeze all of the lemon juice into a spray bottle filled with water and set it aside for ten minutes. Then using a cloth, wipe down your sink, bathtub, toilet and floor.

5. Cellulite reduction. Cut a lemon into slices and rub them on the areas where you want to reduce puffiness on a daily basis. Eat your lemons as well; they are great for removal of grease build-up in the liver which can cause cellulite.

6. Removal of stubborn stains. If you have stains on your clothes or carpets, use a tooth brush to rub some lemon juice on them.

7. Room freshener. Cut lemon and leave them out in the room for a few days. They are more effective than air fresheners.

8. Blackheads and dry skins treatment. Mix a few drops of lemon juice into some olive oil and apply it to your face. It will also improve the appearance of your complexion.

Lemons are fantastic; stock up on them to reduce toxic chemicals at home, to freshen your breath and your home, and to clean without leaving harsh chemical residue.

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