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Why Women Grow Beards, And Their Remedy

When it is normal for male gender to grow beards and have a hairy body, it is completely unpleasant and undesirable for any woman to grow excessive hair and beards in her body. This is because every woman needs to feel beautiful yet having a hairy body and beards would make one feel beastly rather than beautiful.

A study carried out by demartologists showed that one in every 10 women grow excessive hair on their bodies, a condition reffered to as Hirsutism. The study confirmed that the the causes of women having a hairy body are all biological.

Ms. Harnaam Kaur, from Berkshire, United Kingdom.

The condition happens when there are higher than normal levels of androgen and testeterone hormones in the body, causing male pattern hair growth and other male characteristics in women, like having a hairy body and at times having a deep voice.

The study also confirmed that a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCO's) can lead to an increase in high male hormone levels in a woman's body.

The condition can also be genetic, transferred through genes to offsprings, making them have hairy bodies even when the are female.

The condition is also likely to happen after menopause when huge changes happen in the body, causing hormonal imbalances, leading to alterations in a woman's appearance.

Queen Okafor, the most hairly woman in Nigeria.

The demartologists also give a solution for women with the said condition and would like to correct it. To start with, hormonal management should be induced by trying to reduce weight, which may in turn correct androgens levels in the body.

One can also use medications reffered to as anti-androgens to reduce the androgens levels in the body. The drugs strikes a balance on hormonal levels.

Another way of reducing excessive hair in the body is by using cream prescribed by doctors, called effornithine. The cream reduces growth of facial hair but may have undesirable side effects like skin rash and irritation.

One may also opt for non chemical methods by letting the hair grow and frequently shaving using razors and shaving machines.

Lastly, one can use an electrolysis method whereby electic current is used to kill the hair follicles. This method is time consuming since each hair follicle is dealt with individually.

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