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Why Afghan Men Wear Lungee(Turban Hats)?

Afghanistan is made up of different ethnic groups.

And the Lungee name of the turban comes from the Pashtuns tribe as it's considered the biggest tribe in Afghanistan.The Lungee is made from long narrow strip(upto 12ft) of muslin cotton or hundred percent silk.

Reasons why they are worn include;

1)The Lungee is considered a national attire for men.In the Taliban controlled Afghanistan,all men are required to wear a turban or face punishment.

2)Used for identification

Afghans with titles such as Mullahs (religious leaders),Maliks(village elders),Meshers(family, village,clan or tribe elders)and Khans(Land owners)in the tribal areas are normally distinguished because majority of them wear Lungee.Additionally the Mullahs and Meshers regularly wear white or black Lungee.The black and white also represents their noble holy Prophet.This helps to keep their religious tradition alive and their dedication to Islam.

3)worn during weddings and festivals

Men in Afghanistan also wear it during marriage ceremonies and in different tribes it will tied differently and worn with more fancier traditional attire symbolizing their culture.

4) Protection from weather

To conclude it can be worn for other practical purposes.The Lungee can be used to offer warmth in cold nights.And since Afghanistan is desert area,the Lungee is doubled up as a scarf which helps to fend off sand,dirt and protecting the face from high temperatures and strong sunlight rays.The Lungee has lately become so common to the westerners after Hamid Karzai became president.Thank you.

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