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PHOTOS: Kenya's Stylish Man, Owns 160 Pairs of Suits, Over 200 Pairs of Shoes, More than 300 Hats

For years, James Maina Mwangi has been at the centre of attention in the city owing to his sharp dressing code.

The different colourful suits that he dons on weekdays never fail to turn some heads whenever he strolls the streets.

What is more interesting, all his accessories for the day have to match the colour of the suit. From his hat, frames for the glasses, vest, neckties, belt, socks, shoes and phone covers usually match his outfit.

Maina said "When I was growing up, I did not have many clothes, in fact, back then I used to own one shirt which I used to wash and wait to air,"

Maina said that when growing up, his biggest wish was to have decent clothes like most of his peers. To dress the way he dresses is a blessing he doesn't take for granted.. At the moment, Maina boasts of owning more than 160 pairs of suits, over 200 pairs of shoes and more than 300 hats.

He stated "I have been like this for more than 20 years now with time, I have become the most popular not only in Nairobi, but across the world, in fact, people come from abroad to see me,"

Maina further said "Some of those who admire my dress code include women who stop me for photo sessions. I tell everyone who admires me to seek God and they will also be blessed,"

He claimed that some of his suits are imported from Italy, South Africa and Spain.

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James Maina Mwangi Kenya Stylish Man


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