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Lilian Muli's Recent Post Sparks Reactions Online

It's a weekend and every netizens acquires the urge to step out to free their mind and body from the engaging week. Lilian Muli is in this list of netizens who created some time for herself during this weekend.

Lilian Muli Did so with a pretty great outfit, this outfit brought about different actions from netizens, she had a sweater dress which was above the knee and some long black boots. It's said that anyone can put on what they want because dressing is someone's choice.

Lilian Muli's dress code brought about different actions from netizens, actually a higher percentage of the netizens felt that Lilian Muli was looking extremely wonderful. Some felt that Lilian Muli being a top influencer in the community it was not right because she was influencing the young age with the wrong information. Also others argued that anyone who is a believer of the word of God should not do so. What is your view?

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Lilian Lilian Muli


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