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6 Trendy Clothes That Can Ruin The Perfect Shape Of Your Body

Dresses and blouses made of thin knitwearThe material used to make this kind of clothes are very tight, but they don’t keep their shape because the material is not high quality. Therefore, even the slimmest girls start to look bad. Thin knitwear highlights all the flaws of the body, the sides, the belly, everything. To add on that, the outlines of your undergarments may be visible from underneath, so you might even look vulgar.

Harem pantsThis type of are pants are in fact very comfortable, but they do something unimaginable to the body, they distort the proportions catastrophically. The legs look shorter than they are and the hips look wider. Actually, these pants create a very disproportionate silhouette.

Tights with abstract printsThe reality is that, beige and light-grey tights with prints often look like skin defects from a distance. Some models make legs appear slightly unshaven, which is also not a very good thing. You should try wearing dark tights with clear prints, geometric shapes, or logos if you want to make your appearance more interesting.

CulottesThis is a recent trend which was also considered to be dangerous because it makes the body more of a square-shape. Keep in mind that, what you wear with the culottes is really important, elegant shoes make culottes look like a skirt and sporty shoes are not the best idea.

Oversize down jacketsAlthough the huge down jackets can keep you very warm. But the models that are excessively big look ridiculous. Depending on the type of jacket, they can highlight the elegance of the body shape and at the same time, all of its flaws. Therefore, consider choosing a jacket size that fits you.

Dresses and skirts that are short in the front and long in the backThis kind of dresses and skirts that have an asymmetric length, make the legs appear longer. But the idea is that with these dresses and skirts, the knees are in the very center and from the side, even the most perfect legs start to look crooked. Apart from that, they also make the hips look bigger. If you want to draw attention to the legs, you should wear skirts with a side slit.

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