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Disability Is Not Disability: Meet A Barber Who Shaves His Clients' Hair Using His Mouth

His name is Ansar Ahmad. He comes from Varanasi, India. He is a barber who cuts the hair of people by keeping the scissor in his mouth. Ansar Ahmed, like a regular barber, used to cut the hair of clients in his shop every day. And he was also earning well. But in 2001, he had an accident and one of his hands suffered an injury.Cutting hair was his one and only source of income but now that is no more. He started to be thinking that if he does not have any hand then how he can do his barbaric work. After thinking for a long time, an idea came to his mind that why not put scissors in the mouth and cut the hair.

Then he started his practice. He got a lot of problems starting. It took him 3 years to learn this particular art. But now he specializes in this art.No one can tell whether the hair is cut by hand or by mouth. It takes 15-20 minutes to cut a client’s hair.

Have you ever thought, what would it feel like to put scissors in your mouth? If I think, then I get goosebumps. It is also very important for your gums to be strong to use scissors by mouth. Not everyone can do this job. Along with practice, you have to take care of the health of your teeth as well. This journey is not as easy as it looks.Ansar Ahmed, the hairdresser shop in Varanasi is quite popular. His shop name is “Liberty Hair Dresser”. This shop is in the Jagatganj area of Varanasi. But if you are thinking of getting a hair cut from him, then you have to get an appointment first.He is so expert in his work that there is a queue of clients to get a haircut from him. It is so amazing how a small incident can change your life.

Now he has become famous and started earning good, then he wants to open a haircut training center for people physically challenged and visually impaired in the future. So that they can also start earning and can support themselves.


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