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Simple Techniques One Can Apply To Remove Super glue From Skin Or Body Parts

When super glue falls on human skin, it forms a hard film or shell. In such away that one can peel it off. In Tharaka Nithi county there was a reported assault case by one, Charity Wairumu. She had reported that her Husband James Kifo Muruiki glued her "private parts" at River Kathita. Here are simple tips and Techniques that Charity can apply to remove the glue from the skin.

First, soak the glued part of skin in warm, soapy warter for atleast 10 minutes. If you can't submerge completely the skin, cover it with soaked, warm soapy cloth. After that, stretch the glued skin either solely or by help of a friend and peel off the glue by using either fingernail or pocket knife.

Alternatively, mix water and table salt together to form a think paste. Rub the paste on your skin continuously for a minute. This salt acts as abrasive and scrubs off the glue. 

Another technique is covering the glue with a thick coating of petroleum jelly. Or soak the glued section of skin in olive oil and wait for around 20 minutes. Then scrape off the glue with a pocket knife.

Also, you can prepare poultice by mixing baking soda and coconut oil. After that smear the thick mixture over the glued area of skin and wait for atleast 10 minutes. Wipe off the poultice and then try peeling up the glue.

These tips and Techniques may also be used when for instance you accidentally glue together two or more fingers. Gluing fingers is a common blunder that people commit and then are left pondering what to do next. However, have brought to you simple solutions.

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