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Meet These Women Who Are Proud To Grow Beards, Some Of Them Hold World Records

It is uncommon to find women with beards in our society. However, Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome often develop beards. Higher than normal levels of androgens including testosterone may lead to the same. It is said that all women produce androgens but the levels are usually low. Take a look at these women who have accepted the fact that they grow beards and how amazing they look.

Harnaam Kaur (photos)

Harnaam Kaur is an Indian-origin British model, body positivity activist, anti-bullying activist, and a motivational speaker. She is famously known for being the youngest female with a full beard. Kaur was born on the 29th of November, 1990 which simply implies that she is 29 years old at the moment.

Herman saw many hurdles and societal bounds before she finally got confident in her own skin. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome at the age of 12 and 4 years later she started keeping a beard. At the moment, she rocks her looks and enjoys social media attention. She enjoys a huge Instagram following with over 150,000 followers. Allyson Gormley (photos)

Allyson Gormley who is 47 years now started to sprout hair on her face at the age of nine when she hit puberty. She spent years shaving because she was so upset by its appearance.

Allyson says that she got the courage to stop shaving back in November 2014. She also confessed that the crucial decision she made has improved her self esteem and physical health dramatically.

Vivian Wheeler (photos)

Vivian Wheeler was born in 1948 with a veil of light blond hair that covered her face. Vivian was a hermaphrodite but her mother instructed the doctors to remove the male organs because she desperately wanted a daughter.

Wheeler appeared in the 2014 Guinness Word record Books as a woman with the longest beard. The beard was measured at 10.04 inches that is 25.5 centimeters.

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