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Curvy Fashion: Style Tips for Plus Size Women

Belly and side fats are common and completely normal, regardless what body shape you have. But sometimes excess fats in highly visible areas can be a source of embarrassment. So, in this article I am going to share with you some tips and ideas on how to stylishly cover up your belly.

1. It is very important to choose outfits that flatter your body the best. Avoid tight clothes because they will expose your belly fats and when that happens people will end up focusing on your belly and not your whole look. So, remember to distract people eyes whenever you’re going out.

2. Always embrace dark colors. Wearing dark color clothes will not only create that allusion of a smaller frame but also bring that overall perfect look.

3. Like I said on the first tip, distract people eyes away from your belly. Wear something that brings attention away from your tummy. Peplum shirts or dresses is a perfect option for you to look stunning.

4. Make use of belts or wear tops or dresses with an empire waistline. The reason for this is because an empire waistline or a belt will help in accentuating your waist and also skimming your belly. This will bring a perfect allusion around your waist.

5. The last and important tip is adding something like a cardigan or blazer on your outfit will help you big time. Layering will magically hides everything away and bring attention to other parts of the body.

6. Well, you can also use a shapewear underneath your clothing. This will not only make your clothes to fit better but also it will smooth your midsection.

7. Always carry bags or purse with long longer strap. The reason of this is because the strap will help to bring out that long and visual effect and draw attention past your hips.

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Curvy Fashion


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