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(Photos) Types of Classy Shoes Every Man Should Have in His Closet

If you are still leisurely roaming on the streets with flip flops and crocs, you have failed as a man. It is not that we are against these types of shoes but they make you look odd and babyish.

You have probably heard of a hackneyed say that goes by "mwanamume ni kiatu" which literally means that a real man is identified by the types of shoes he wears.  

When you want to standout in a crew, the type of shoes you intend to wear can play a big role. Adding the latest collection of shoes in your closet is really pivotal. 

Examine your wardrobe and make a quick assessment of the types of shoes you need to add that match your outfits. 

1. Chelsea boots

When worn with the right outfit, it will make you look super cool and leave the other gender drool over you. Besides being a formal dress shoes, you can rock it when going out for a picnic, a walk or a party. 

2. The chukka boots

They are basically best for people working in offices since they have been grouped as formal dress shoes. The chukka boots are characterized by different colors. Find the best pair of shoes that is unique in nature.

3.Slip-on and authentic sneakers

Sneakers come in different form and colors. They are common among youths.

It is a weekend, a party day and still wondering on what to wear? After rocking your favorite denin jacket and jeans, remember to put on a stylish shoes that will make you shine like the stars. In this regard, we would advise you to go for sneakers. 

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