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Kenyan Men Who Have Stunned Many By Wearing Dresses

It is something odd for a man to wear garments that are seen to generally be the save for ladies. 

Other than garments, numerous Kenyans get stunned when they see men putting on make-up or hairpieces. 

Most men who pull such shenanigans are suspected to be gay people, regardless of whether they are not. 

Be that as it may, there are men who disrupt the norms and go all out with their design taste just to give an impression or act naturally. 

Here are some Kenyan men we have seen shaking dresses like marvels. 

1. Eric Omondi 

Picture: Courtesy 

Not once, not twice, the Kenyan entertainer has embraced a ladylike look, went with a provocative dress, make-up, a hairpiece, and surprisingly 6-inch shoes. 

At the point when Eric Omondi previously shook a dress, it stunned numerous Kenyans. 

However, the entertainer wears dresses a few times while getting into a female person. 

2. Shaniqwa 

Picture: Courtesy 

Kevin Mwangi pseudonym Shaniqwa can draw out the essence of a genuine lady when he shakes a short dress, smirched cosmetics and a phony highlight. 

Despite the fact that Shaniqwa was dressing like a lady to squeeze into his acting person, it started alot of hypotheses from Kenyans. 

3. Peter Nyong'o Junior 

Picture: Courtesy 

The sibling of Hollywood entertainer Lupita Nyong'o stunned numerous Kenyans in the wake of turning up at covers and wine occasion in a dress. 

This started theories that Junior Nyong'o is a gay. 

Nonetheless, many were stunned years after the fact after he married Wanja Wahoro in a selective wedding. 

4. Binyavanga Wainaina 

Picture: Courtesy 

The late Binyavanga Wainaina was known to be gallant and unashamed in regards to his style sense. 

Binyavanga adored shadings, and would shake a dress or skirt to any occasion, and stick out. 

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