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Use This Thrice A Week And Your Hair Will Grow Longer And Thicker Than Before

Hello beauties, here is another hair growth oil that will make your hair grow in no time. Your hair and edges will grow thicker, longer and healthier than before. This carrot oil will grow your hair massively in weeks, it is also beneficial for your skin, it leaves your flawless and shining.

Carrot contains a lot of vitamins, vit. A, E, B1, B6 which is required for healthy hair and even our skin. You can make carrot butter or oil with carrot but today I will be showing you how to make carrot oil at home. Carrot helps with hair loss issues by making your hair strands stronger from the root to the tip, it also protects your hair from excessive UV sun rays that might cause damage to your hair.



Essential oils


1. Grate the carrots with a grater, spray it in a tray to dry off the water, you can sun dry but it will take a longer time to dry off the water, you can make use of the oven to dry it fast, leave it in the oven for at least 2 hours but make sure it doesn' t get burnt.

2. Add in your oils, you can use any oil of your choice, sunflower oil, avocado oil, Olive oil, coconut oil etc you can also add a few drops of essential oils, tea tree oil, lavender oil etc. Place it on a low heat for 30 mins to stem it, once your carrot is tender and you can see your oil changing colour to the carrot colour just know that your carrot oil is ready you can then turn off the heat and pot it aside to cool.

3. Sieve out the oil, make sure you squeeze the oil from the fabric you' re using because the oil won' t come out easily.

You can start applying it to your hair. One good thing about this carrot oil is that it can last for several months, you don' t even have to keep it in your fridge, just keep it at room temperature and you' re good to go.

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