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Skin Care

Natural Ways To Get Smooth And Lightened Face

Everyone needs to have a smooth face and looking so wonderful, but how can you make your face looking pretty without using of dangerous cosmetics, when we're talking about dangerous cosmetics we mean as cosmetics which contain harmful chemicals.

Mercury led to destroy your skin because of those dangerous chemical within that cream. So, today my dear reader I want to show you how can you get a softer skin without using a dangerous chemicals step by step.

1. using lemon.

This is the first way off getting a better skin on your face, just do it by cutting a lemon into 2 parts then squeeze it in my order to get a juice. Then apply it on your face every evening and wash it in the morning at least in 2 weeks.

2. Aloe vera.

Second way to get better skin is by using aloe vera, so you need to find aloe vera, then squeeze it in order to mucus from aloe vera after that you had to apply this mucus to your face every evening and wash it every morning. For better result, you are advised to do that every day.

3. Onion

This is a third way to use if you must have soft skin, so how can you use onion to lightening your face take an onion and grinding it to get its Mucus? Subsequently, apply it on your face every day during the night and wash your face early in the morning.

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