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Beautiful Dressing Codes for Ladies (Photos)

It is the time of the year again when we at least find time to visit our relatives. Christmas and festive season is here. Many people have already decided on how they are going to spend there holidays. Just make sure you treat yourself well because we have overcomed so many challenges. Take a break from work and go spend time with your loved ones.

Many people will be traveling upcountry. We have family gatherings to attend to and end of year festivals in the village. I know as a woman it is hard to decide what to wear when going upcountry. As an African woman it is good to be modern but not to over copy the western culture. When going to the village dress in a decent dress that will make people to respect you, and you will also be free to walk around without feeling shy.

Today I have some so beautiful outfits for you to wear when going to the village. Have a look at them and make sure you get yours and also surprise your female relative with one. Share the article to your friends.

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