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Forget About Butterfly Locs, Have You See The Newest Hairstyle In Town, The Jungle Braid?

There are so many hairstyles that are invented every time and then and it's good to experiment them. The latest one is the jungle braid which requires some technique for one to braid. It's a challenge to some but if you get a salonist who can do try it it's revolutionary. You can use the braid of your choice to do it as long as it's not silky. Jungle braid hairstyles can go with any color or thickness. Let's check them out:

1. Blond color looks so good. You can choose any form of braiding that is box or triangle. It's so neat especially if you get an expert to do it.

2. You can also do short or long braids.

3. Very beautiful

4. Bob braid too looks gorgeous





One advantage of braiding this hairstyle is that it's very neat and it will give you quite a service until you are ready for another look. What do you think of the jungle braid? Would you go for it?

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