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Skin Care

Apply This At The Back Of Your Head On A Daily Basis For These Amazing Benefits

Some pimples and rashes generally appear at the back of the head after shaving off your hair. This condition, in most cases, starts as an inch that later breaks out to pimples and rashes. They may disappear once your hair is fully grown but resurfaces later on. Well, this remedy is meant for you. It is enriched with natural nutrients such as calcium, iron and manganese alongside essential vitamins C, D and K that will form a compound that dries up the pimples and restore your skin.

You, Will, Need The Following.

Methylated spirit

Cotton wool balls

Mixing bowl


One fresh lemon fruit Aloe Vera oil

Table salt

Fluoride toothpaste

Kitchen knife

How To Prepare.

Pour three tablespoons of the methylated spirit into a dish and set aside together with the cotton balls for later use.

Wash the lemon fruit using clean water and dry it. Place on a chopping block, use the knife to slice into half. Squeeze out all of the lemon juice into a separate bowl. Squeeze one tablespoon of Colgate toothpaste and stir thoroughly for two minutes to properly mix. Add one tablespoon of salt to the mixture. Continue to stir to dissolve the particles completely. Finally, add two tablespoons of aloe Vera oil and stir to mix.

How To Use.

Wash your head using regular soap and warm water after shaving. Pat with a towel to dry. Dip two cotton wool balls into the methylated spirit and gently rub them on the affected area. Let it rest for two minutes; the cooling sensation means that it is working. Use your fingers to scoop the remedy and apply it to the back of your head. Massage for two more minutes, let it rest for five more minutes on your skin and then wash off.

Continue to use this for three consecutive days to solve this problem completely.

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