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FASHION: 5 best ways of making you look attractive

Looking elegant, cool, trendy and sexy is not something that you can learn overnight or buy with money no matter how rich you are. It is an attitude towards yourself and the way how you dress that makes you looking attractive. You can look classy without spending alot of money through different ways.

WEAR CLOTHES THAT FITS YOU. Your body size should be the determinant of the type of clothes you buy or put on. As a lady, buy clothes that fits you properly and hence your figure. If you are petite and fit, you avoid going for oversized maxi clothes.

AVOID OVEREXPOSING YOUR BODY WHILE AT WORK. Where you are going should be a major concern when it comes to wearing classy. If you are attending to your profession or going for an interview, avoid looking too sexy or trendy by wearing clothes that overexpose your body parts. Use the saying that goes by, dress the way you want to be addressed.

APPLY MINIMAL MAKEUPS. Avoid overdoing your makeups by using light eye shadows or mascara. This helps you to look as natural as possible.

CHOOSE QUALITY BRANDS. When buying clothes, choose classic ones and avoid cheap brands. Quality brands never disappoint because quality always wins. Buying good quality will have an immense impact on your whole look.

KEEP YOUR NAILS CLEAN AND WELL POLISHED . One of the mistakes that many ladies do is forgetting to keep their nails in check. Keep your nails at decent length also. They should not be too long or short.

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