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Perhaps its time we run shazma on perfume

The following are ways to tell an authentic perfume from a fake one;

Know the seller, buy your perfume from a reputable seller. Feel free to ask the buyer direct questions about the product. Pay attention to the price. Although at times, price isn't an indicator of the quality of the perfume. The price produces a good indication of authenticity except for the exception of stock clearance or when the store is closing.

Research about the perfume before going to the store. You can check on the manufactures website to look for information on the authentic perfume, you will see the kind of information they provide like, packaging, bottle, and where they place the barcode. When researching about the perfume, it's important to note what kind of notes the authentic perfume is supposed to have like just a single sentence or several sentences.

check the wrapping, see if the cellphone is tightly wrapped around the boxes. Examine to see if the box is unprofessionally packaged and designed. Check the control, batch, and serial numbers. Real perfumes have smooth bottle containers while imitation bottles are often a bit rough and even constructed with plastic.

When testing out perfumes be cautious of counterfeit perfume as it can often cause allergic reactions or may leave unwanted rashes on your skin.

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