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How To Wear A Miniskirt And Not Overexpose Your Body

It's every lady's desire to appear attractive when she wears a short skirt, but sometime they appear unattractive after wearing one which is due to lack of knowledge on how to wear them. The following are tips Ladies should follow before wearing a miniskirt.

Invest in your Underwears

You shouldn’t wear a flowy miniskirt when it’s windy outside but weather can surprise us all so it is best to wear modest underwear underneath your skirt to avoid exposing your thong and everything that can be seen when you’re wearing a thong if you are unlucky enough to experience a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Find your perfect length

The key to looking classy and stylish in a miniskirt is to find the perfect length for you. Different lengths work for different women so try on different miniskirts to see which one looks best on you. You want to be able to sit down in your miniskirt without exposing your underwear.

wear tights

If you’re not comfortable with showing your legs, you can wear miniskirts with tights. This tip is not useful during summer months but miniskirts are not only for summer so you can wear them with tights during spring, fall and even during winter.

Wear simple top

Looking good in a miniskirt is about balance. If you’re showing your legs, don’t show your cleavage too. Tops with long sleeves look better with miniskirts especially if you are not wearing tights. Plain T-shirts are also a good idea.

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