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Kenya's Top 10 Most Curvaceous & Stylish Female Celebrities 2023 (Photos)

Betty Kyallo.

Betty Mutei Kyallo, a distinguished Kenyan media personality, boasts an impressive repertoire of work across various local media platforms. Additionally, she is the proprietor of Betty's Flair and After Shave, establishments that have garnered widespread acclaim.

Her innate sense of design and style is truly unparalleled, albeit occasionally causing her ardent supporters to express concerns, particularly in relation to her choice of shorter dresses.

Lilian Muli.

Lilian Muli, a renowned Kenyan news anchor, graced the world on May 4, 1982. She commands the airwaves during the primetime slots on Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m., in addition to hosting weekend editions.

Notably, she stands out as one of the most fashion-forward individuals ever witnessed at a fashion show. Lilian's distinctive fashion sense serves as a testament to her unparalleled style acumen.

Sarah Hassan

Sarah Hassan, a Kenyan actress, model, and former television personality, has graced numerous films and television productions with her presence. Her notable appearances on Citizen TV programs such as "Tahidi High," "The Wedding Show," and "Zora" have solidified her status as a prominent figure within the industry.

She possesses an unparalleled appreciation for fashion, embodying an ideal perspective on design for Muslim women seeking elegance while honoring their bodies. Her imaginative embodiment of beauty has led her to become a distinguished brand ambassador for various fashion lines in the region.

Anerlisa Muigai.

Anerlisa, the remarkable daughter of Tabitha, recently elected as Nakuru Senator and CEO of Keroche Breweries, exemplifies perfection and style. Hailing from a family that spearheaded one of Kenya's most successful water packaging enterprises, Anerlisa's brilliance shines through.

Beyond her role as a motivator, Anerlisa has emerged as a fashionista, effortlessly adhering to fashion rules regardless of the occasion, be it a casual, office, or formal look. Her presence commands attention at every event she graces.

Tanasha Dona.

Tanasha Donna, a model, songwriter, entrepreneur, and social media influencer, rose to prominence through her romantic involvement with Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz.

While her design style emanates an aura of simplicity, it undeniably serves as a powerful asset in the media landscape. Tanasha possesses a natural flair for design, evident in her contributions to virtual entertainment and her music videos.

Nikita Kering.

Nikita Kering stands as the freshest talent to carve a significant niche for herself in the Kenyan music industry. Despite her young age, this melodious prodigy has defied all odds and garnered numerous accolades.

Her sartorial choices align flawlessly with her exceptional musical talent, showcasing an innate sense of style and design.

Azziad Nasenya.

Azziad, renowned as a media host, entertainer, and virtual entertainment personality, has earned the title of "TikTok Queen" in Kenya.

While Azziad opts for a casual aesthetic, donning jeans and shorts, she impeccably demonstrates her mastery of clothing styling. Her ensembles are tailored to perfection, perfectly accentuating her natural beauty.

Cate the Actress

Catherine Kamau Karanja, a beloved Kenyan entertainer and powerhouse within the television realm, was born on February 3, 1987. Through her daily endeavors, she has become a celebrated figure, rightfully earning the status of a celebrity.

Unquestionably, her style and design choices exude impeccable taste, positioning her as the sovereign of Kenyan fashion. Cate possesses an exceptional sense of style, skillfully selecting outfits that complement her body type.

Grace Msalame.

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Betty 's Flair and After Shave


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