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Skin Care

Hygiene: why you should not repeat wearing the same clothes after bathing

Bathing is mostly used to cleanse our bodies. Bathing removes a lot of filth from our body, keeping us clean. Most of us, however, make one mistake after showering: we put on the clothing we were wearing just before bathing. This is extremely unsanitary and should be avoided at all costs.

When you wear your clothes, they constantly rub against your skin, causing your body to emit chemicals and microorganisms. When the dead skin comes off, your garments take it with them.

After a bath, putting on your clothing again exposes you to germs and bacteria. This is extremely unhealthy because the skin is clean and the pores are open at this time. This allows bacteria to easily penetrate deeper into your skin, causing infections.

Underwear is the most difficult to repeat. To avoid infections and foul odors, they should be changed on a regular basis.

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