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Skin Care

Natural Ways of Making Your Skin Brown

Many people like having brown skins which makes them to look more beautiful and attractive, dark skins are caused by;

1. Poor health conditions which also affect your skin health.

2. Exposing yourself to the sun frequently.

3. Stress.

4. Poor skin maintenance by an individual.

There are many natural ways of making your skin brown which includes;

1. Keep your skin away from the sun rays for they catalyzes certain biological reactions in your skin.

2. Make sure you drink a lot of water so as to make sure you're skin is always wet.

3. Make sure you have an enough sleep to allow the body to replace worn out cells.

4. Rub your skin with honey at least once in every week which will minimize the amount of bacteria on your skin.

5. Avoid using chemicals that you don't know about for bleaching because they can badly affect your skin.

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