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Skin Care

Why You Should Never Throw Away Lemon Seeds

Lemons are common fruits we use at our homes for various purposes. The lemon juice is what we care more about because of its unending benefits to the body in general. However, while eating lemons, we forget one part of it which is also important, the seeds. Below are some of the benefits of lemon seeds.

1. Lemon seeds are good detoxification agents. They help to get rid of toxins and other materials that might be harmful to your body. The seeds are bitter but it is worth trying yo get the benefits.

2. Lemon seeds help to relieve pain. This is because they contain the salicylic acid which is also found in aspirin, a common painkiller. Taking lemon seeds helps to relive pain naturally.

3. Lemon seeds are good for skin nourishment. They have plenty of vitamin C just like the fruit which is a good antioxidant. They also have some special oils that nourish the skin making it look young and attractive.

4. Lemon seeds can be used as air fresheners because of their good scent. They are used in cosmetic for their fragrance which is awesome. Their scent also helps to send away mosquitoes.

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