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Why you should make rice water your hair growth remedy

Growing up I have always had issues when it came to hair growth, my hair always maintained the same length , at times I even thought it got shorter. All this was really frustrating and messing with my self esteem that I opted to buy hair growth oils which never worked for me.

At some point in my life I went for a big chop hoping that it would now grow longer or at least fuller but it was all in vain so I then decided that I would lock my hair for a change. I was sceptical at first but I did it anyway, during this locking journey I frequently used rice water as my growth remedy after watching a YouTube video, though not convinced that it would work I had to give it a try .

Rice water was the game changer , I had started to believe that my hair would never grow past a certain length but after consistent monthly washes this was like a dream come true just to see my hair grow fuller and longer.

The best thing about it is that rice is easily accessible and you can actually use any type of rice just by fermenting then it’s ready for use.

I hope this helps anyone struggling with hair growth. 

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