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Twins of different colour exist!

When you here of twins people feel that they have to be identical.There are also fraternal twins who look nothing like their other twin.Here we will get to see twins that are either fraternal or identical but have different complexions.

1.Isabella and Gabriella

They were born to Clementina Siphley,their mother.They became internet famous at the age of 7months due to different skin tones despite them being a twin.

2.Bobby and Riley

They were born 30 minutes apart indicating they are twin.Their parents Abigail Tongue was Caucasian while their father Richard George was a mixed race. They were born identical but at the age of 4 Riley got brown eyes dark hair and darker skin like their father.

3.Kian and Remee

They were born to mom kayle Hodgson and dad Remi with both having white mothers and black fathers.According to,this twp girls look alot alike and even share the same cheeky smile but Kian was born with dark hair and dark eyes while her sister was born with pale skin,blond hair and blue eyes.

4.Millie and Marcia

Amanda Winkling and Michael Biggs are biracial couple that were blessed with a twin in 2006.The girls had different colour schemes but similar facial features.Marcia took after her mother and had light brown hair and fair skin while her sister Millie took after her father and had black hair and brown skin.

5.Lucy and Maria

They were born to Donna Aylmer. She knew that her fraternal twin girls would not look identical but this was beyond her expectation.Lucy was born with red hair,blue eyes,paled skin and feckless galore , while her sister Maria was born with brown skin ,brown eyes and dark curly hair.Many though Lucy was adopted.

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