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Clothing Items For Guys To Look Better in Campus

You may have had a school uniform so you did not think about combing outfits outside your school dress code. You are moving to college or university, you are going to have to dress well and look better on campus.

1. Pair of Jeans

Oversized or slim are versatile and can be paired with different clothing items to form the best looks. They can be paired with shirts either long or short sleeves, hoodies, t- shirt amongst others. To spice things up by throwing on a crossbody bag, add jewellery for jeans can include a watch and necklace.

2. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are one of the ways to change your style and still look perfect. Cargo pants are also versatile since they can be combined into different outfits. You can also pair cargo pants with a fitting t- shirt to look casual and elegant.

3. Sweat pants

These pieces are versatile since they can be worn as a sweat suit (truck suit), paired with a nice t- shirt, men' s bodysuit amongst others.

4. Shorts + oversized T- shirt

Many of the guys on campus mostly pull this outfit during hot sunny days. Shorts are also a great way to show off your big legs.

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