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How to start a hair braids cosmetic retail shop

Where Can You Find Cosmetics at Wholesale Prices?

There are numerous wholesalers throughout the country. The greatest pricing, however, may be obtained in Nairobi, mostly around Dubois Road, River Road, and Munyu Road in the central area of the CBD. You can go window shopping in the city, especially in retail malls like The Perida Business Centre, Kamukunji Trading Centre, and Best Lady Ronald Ngala. Take your time to compare rates until you discover the greatest deal.

Locating a Stall

You can start out as a freelancer until you've established a solid client base. Later on, you can hunt for a stall in town (any town, not only Nairobi) - having a permanent site or office enhances your trust with clients and even lenders. In Nairobi, a good 10ft by 5ft stall on a popular street costs Ksh20,000. Some landlords demand a goodwill payment, while others do not.

How Much Should You Invest?

If you're starting out as a freelancer, a capital basis of Ksh50,000 will suffice. However, if you want to open a stall or a full-fledged physical business, your budget might range from Ksh100,000 in a Thika estate like Makongeni to Ksh500,000 in the Nairobi CBD.

How Much Should You Expect?

A tiny freelancing or online based business can generate revenues of up to Ksh5,000 per day if you are aggressive. On average, there is a profit margin of 40%. So we're talking about a monthly profit of Ksh50,000. If you have a tiny stand in a good position, sales can reach Ksh15,000 per day, but due to the high expense of running the business, you'll only make a profit of 25%.

The cosmetics shop business is suitable for the fashionista who is prepared to go to considerable measures to ensure that their consumers are delighted. Do you think you're the right person for the job? So, don't be a non-starter and just do it. Done is better than perfect, as the old adage goes.

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