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The best hair mask to revive your lost hair line

A lost hair line is not only intimidating but uncomfortable especially when finding the best hairstyle to cover up. Most ladies are going through this due to harmful hairstyles that pull on their hair often.

To make a hair growth stimulating hair mask, you need the following:

- one(very ripe but not rotten) avocado fruit

- one kienyeji egg

- a strainer

- a bowl

- a spoon

1. Place your strainer over your bowl.

2. Scoop some avocado into the strainer and press in as much as you can. Strain a small amount at a time till all the avocado is done.(the consistency must almost be like that of yogurt)

3. Add your egg into the avocado directly and mix thoroughly .

Your hair mask is ready.

Apply the hair mask starting from the roots to the tip of your hair all over your head.

Let it stay for 6 hours(or overnight if you can), although staying with it for too long might make the eggs to give off a not so pleasing odor.

Make sure to cover your head with a shower cape after applying to prevent it from spilling on your clothes as you stay with it.

Remember to always apply this hair mask every once a week or after removing your hairstyle every time. Not only will your hairline start growing back but your hair volume, length and shine will be restored.

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Content created and supplied by: WachiraMoureen (via Opera News )


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