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The positive side of Cannabis, how we can use it to reduce global warming.

Cannabis sativa, marijuana, bhang or simply call it hemp as it is mostly known scientifically is a crop that is destructive but more importantly a marvel and can be used to change the course of the planet if utilised properly.

Hemp is one of man's earliest invention and was used in everything from clothing, shipping, medicine and pleasure. Although today it's considered a crime to be in possession of such plant Hemp is slowly making its way back into the society.

The following are some of the ways hemp is solving today's climate challenges;

1. Fashion

Clothing is one of the world's biggest industry with more than a billion garments being sold annually. With such a big number it has a ripple effect on the environment, most garments are non-reusable especially your favorite jeans and consume alot of water. Your favorite T-shirt uses about 5,000 litres of water to manufacture.

With the use of hemp, it's recyclable, it does not consume alot of water to grow or manufacture and it's green compared to oil made garments.

2. Construction

One of the world's fastest growing industry with thousands of blocks being set up in every corner of a developing nation. Construction is also not a darling from depleted sand deposits to production of building blocks that pose environmental and health risks.

Buildings made from concrete are also hard to cool and require the installation of expensive not eco-friendly systems.

Blocks made from hemp are unique and breathtaking, from their composition they are contractible making them 'breath' on their own, this ensures no need of any other cooling systems. The blocks are also like carbon fiber making them super strong and withstand heavy weights and promote longevity.

3. CO2 Absorption.

The world today depends on trees to collect the CO2 from the atmosphere, but this is posing a greater challenge due to population increase and increase in emissions.

Hemp might be just the solution the world needs, one of the plant species is known to grow to upto more than 10 meters and can take in more than 4 times more the CO2 as compared to a normal tree.

Which fact do you know about hemp?

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