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How to Identify Fake Human Hair Wigs

Many women are spending fortunes to buy human hair wigs. Some like rapper Nikki Minaj spent million of dollars to own human hair. For most of them owning this wigs is like an investment.

Buying wigs online is too risky. It’s easier to fall into the trap of buying fake human hair. However, aside from applying water, checking the price, hair color, and using bleach, there are other ways on how you can identity if the wig you have purchased is real or fake.

Two days ago, a friend of mine ordered for human hair online, it was quite expensive Ksh. 65,000, but to her surprise what she received was different from what she ordered/saw in the vendor social media page. It was fake human hair which you can’t detect that easily since it was almost original.

I know it’s hard to tell since it cannot be felt through online. However, there are different ways on how your can differentiate a fake human hair from real ones.

1. Wear your wig and sleep without an hair bonnet for three nights. If you observe the hair has knat up and tangle, that is fake.

2. Pay attention to softness, thickness, thinness of the track weft, and finally, if its already shedding or not. If you observe all the above my sister, that is fake.

3. Before you purchase, it’s important to check for hair review, why? This will help you know which brand is legit and where to purchase legit human hair.

4. To determine if your hair is mixed with synthetic hair, just put a flat iron to it and examine if it melt and produce the smell of a burning rubber with black smoke, then that is a fake. Real human hair burn and produce smell of a burning natural hair.

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