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10 Ways To Check If Your Hair Is Healthy And How To Treat It Properly

Looking at hair is the best way to determine the health of the body. The following is a list of ways to find how healthy your hair is and tips on how to improve it's quality.

1. Your hair feels great after a hair cut- If the hair looks good after trimming, the hair is not really damaged. Keep the hair moisturized and suppliment it with proteins to keep it intact.

2. Your hair has a natural shine- If the hair bounces off light, it means your calp is healthy and is evenly distributing natural oils to your shaft.

3. Losing some hair while shampooing- Hair has a growth cycle which makes new hair growth everyday. Weak hair may fall during shampooing and gets replaced by new hair. Blow-drying after shampooing will help keep the hair fall minimal.

4. Your hair detangles easily- Pulling tangled hair causes breakage and weakens hair grip. Tangling of hair means that is damaged hair. Always apply serum before combing the hair to avoid hair fall.

5. Slow growth of hair- Hair growth is a sign of healthy hair. Visit a hair specialist if your hair hasn't grown for more than 3 months.

6. The hair ends are healthy- Absence of split ends after haircut means the hair is very healthy. Split ends are caused by tear caused by lack of nutrients and moisturizer.

7. Your hair will stretch without breaking- When you brush your hair and it stretches without breaking, it is a sign of strong hair. Weak hair does not have any elasticity.

8. Your hair holds moisture- Hair retaining moisture is an indication how healthy it is. This can be checked by submitting it in water, if it floats it is healthy and if it sinks it is porous and damaged.

9. Smooth and soft to touch- If your hair feels soft and smooth when touched, it is an indication that it is healthy.

10. Follicle test- This is done by plucking a hair near the roots and checking for the bulb. Presence of tiny roundish tuber means the hair is healthy.

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