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Why tears come released from the eyes during yawning.

It is really interesting that there are some of the things that happen on our bodies and have asks ourselves why? Most of the time when we are hungry , we tend yawning and after role ther is tears that come out from our eyes and today I am going to acquint with you why this always happens. I think here you are at the right place.

So to narrow down onto the topic is that, when we yawn we always open our mouths and at the same time , our eyes also tend to close slightly, as the eyes close slightly, they exert pressure on tear glands(lacrimal glands) which located on the either side of the eyes which produce tears. This pressure exerted on the tear glands during yawning when the eyes tend to close alityle bit to force tears to be released from the eyes and this is the reasons as the tears are more important also in the protection and care of our eyes.

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