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See How Woman Who Quit Her Job Because Of Her Beard Looks Like Today [Photos]

In as much as beards are associated with masculinity and sometimes used to differentiate the looks of men from those of women, there have been, are and still will be cases of women who have beards in this world.

Ladies normally have beards when they have a condition called hirsutism which results from hormonal imbalances like increased level of androgen hormones.

As a result, the affected women will experience hair growth in areas where it's rare to be seen after puberty like on chest, back, chin, abdomen and other areas.

In history, there have been many cases of hirsutism with various women openly embracing their facial appearances regardless of stigma they faced like Annie Jones below;

Today, there's a British woman with hirsutism who has openly embraced her beard and never bothered to wax it off again after finding it hard to hide the fact that she'll have facial hair the rest of her life.

In fact, she's been taking care of the beard in the best way possible making lots of men who have a deficit of the same jealous.

Her name is Harnaam Kaur and she's from the United Kingdom.

Having been born in 1990, Kaur was working as a primary school teacher when she became a media sensation in 2014 after deciding to keep her beard and accepting interviews to talk about her special situation.

As a result of being famous, she ditched her teaching job to become a full-time public figure, freelance model and motivational speaker.

Below are some photos of her;

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