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Five Reasons Why Most Women Wear Waist Beads

Small glass beads are strung onto a string to create the traditional African accessory known as waist beads. These beads are wrapped around the wearer's waist or hips. The practice of wearing beads on one's person originated in Africa and its culture. They are worn over the waist for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below.

Body Shaper

Some ladies discover that wearing waist beads might assist them in better defining their bodies. Women use it to draw attention to their waistlines, which in turn gives the impression that their hips are larger and more flexible.

Safe delivery

There is a specialized variety of beads available for expectant mothers. It is claimed that it will safeguard both the mother and the unborn child until the baby is born. Because of this, the majority of pregnant women choose to wear waist beads.

Supernatural healing

It is commonly held in many cultures that the beads worn around the waist have both spiritual and curative qualities. It is believed that these curative abilities will bring them good fortune, protect them from getting wounded, and also cure them of any diseases they may have. Waist beads are worn by the majority of women who believe in the power of the supernatural.


The vast majority of men experience an increase in sexual desire when exposed to these beads, and the vast majority of women wear waist beads whenever they intend to engage in sexual activity with their partners. These beads are typically brightly colored, and some of them come with tiny bells or rings attached to them.

5. Regulation of one's weight

Beads are typically worn around the waist by women so they can monitor their weight. Because waist beads do not appear to stretch, you should be able to use them to accurately measure the circumference of your waist. When you gain weight, the beads will move up on your waist and feel more restrictive as a result. If you reduce the amount of weight you carry, the beads will become more comfortable and will sit lower on your hips.

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