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12 Amazing Benefits Of Applying Vaseline Jelly You Didn't Know About

Petroleum jelly also called petrolatum is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes, which form a semisolid jelly-like substance. This cream is much more than hydrating your skin, so do not wait any longer and discover 12 wonderful tricks.

1. Face highlighter

Apply a little Vaseline on the cheekbones and in the area of the bones in the eyebrows, exactly where we apply the illuminator. It leaves the face pretty cool.

2. Stylize your hair

This cream can seal the tips of the hair and also serves to put the hair that always walk as if floating in place. Just apply a little on the hair.

3. Looks after cracked feet

Place this cream on your feet every night before sleep, massage the most affected areas and then put on a pair of socks and go.

4. Avoid the rash

Just put a little Vaseline in the areas where you get rashes or is irritated by chafing. Vaseline softens and clear all rashes on the skin.

5. Removes false eyelashes

With a swab take Vaseline and pass it by the eyelashes you must be very careful not to hurt your eyes. Vaseline will soften the glue making it easier to extract. Then you should drink warm water and remove any excess Vaseline from your eyes, use a clean towel to dry.

6. To put on the tendrils

If you have long time without using tendrils and when you try to put them on it hurts too much, you can apply a little Vaseline in the lobes and solve the problem.

7. Hydrated elbows

After getting out of the shower and before going to sleep apply some Vaseline massaging your elbows, do it every day to have a softer and hydrated elbows.

8. Opens the jammed drawers

Just apply a little petroleum jelly, as you know this cream will work as grease and will prevent the drawers from getting stuck, this is the best thing I’ve seen so far.

9. Lip scrub

If your lips need hydration and the lip gloss has not helped you, you can use Vaseline. Start by doing a gentle exfoliation with a little sugar, then clean and smear the cream.

10. Takes care of your cuticles

Massage the cuticle of the nails with Vaseline, and if you want all your hands. Put on a pair of gloves and go to sleep, in the morning you will have soft hands.

11. Help for pet paws

Your dog’s pad skin can crack and produce a great deal of discomfort. Clean their paws with cotton gauze, dry, and apply the jelly. Ideally this should be done after a walk or when your pet is resting.

12. Use as lube for stuck objects

If a ring is stuck on your finger, put some jelly on your finger, making sure you get some around and under the ring. This will help the ring slip off your finger.

Content created and supplied by: Toiwinnien (via Opera News )


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