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These Are The Classy And Stunning Tattoo Ideas for Women with Pictures

Best tattoos for women

Thinking of getting a tattoo ? Before making this decision it is important that you think about the design that you want to tattoo on your skin. Keep in mind that this drawing will be permanent and, therefore, it is best to reflect, look for different types of design and, above all, that the tattoo you choose has something to do with your tastes and / or your personality. In this OneHowTo article we are going to discover the best tattoos for women , those designs that, due to their characteristics and style, are more suited to the body and the feminine essence.

Flower tattoos

One of the favorite designs of women is tattoos with flowers . Within this wide range you can find drawings of all kinds: a single flower, a whole floral set that occupies a large part of the female body or, of course, the lotus flower, that is, the flower that represents Buddhism.

These designs are 100% feminine and can contain different meanings. One of the most common is the classic in which flowers are the symbol of beauty and femininity. But flowers can also signify nature, freedom or, as we have already said, lotus flowers are signs of spirituality, meditation and calm.

Best tattoos for women - Floral motifs

Feather tattoo

Another of the girls' favorite designs is feathers . These tattoos can symbolize aspects as varied as love (Cupid's arrow that pierces the hearts of two lovers), it can also be a sign of freedom since the feathers are part of the body of birds and can even be the symbol of writing since in the past pens were used to write.

But the feathers can also have an indigenous type design and, in this case, the meaning is a more spiritual one since in shamanic cultures animal feathers were used to evoke ancestors or spirits. In this way, with this tattoo you will reflect your desire to stay united with the spiritual world.

The best tattoos for women - Feather tattoo

Tree tattoos

This tattoo design can be worn by both men and women since it has multiple connotations of which the one that stands out the most is highlighting the natural appearance that we all have inside, that link between people with nature, with trees, forests, etc. . Trees can also be a symbol of maturity and of having reached a stage in your life in which you have already grown, you have learned and now you fully enjoy it.

One of the most recurrent tattoos is that of the tree of life , it is a drawing that represents aspects of life such as wisdom, forgiveness, eternity, knowledge and, all this, linked to our own roots. If you want a more feminine tattoo, we advise you to draw a bird or flower next to the tree.

Best Tattoos For Women - Tree Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos

Another of the best tattoos for women are those that contain butterflies . This animal, as with birds, symbolizes freedom but, in addition, it is also a symbol of femininity due to its elegant bearing, its varied colors and its beauty in its forms.

For this reason, many girls choose to get this tattoo and its design can be very varied: you can just tattoo a butterfly or, if you want to symbolize the act of flying, you can tattoo various butterflies that represent flight.

Best Tattoos For Women - Butterfly Tattoos

Dream Catcher

The catchers are another favorite tattoos by mujere s because its colorful design and is ideal for the female body. Besides because aesthetically it is a very striking symbol thanks to the feathers, the circular shape and the color, a dreamcatcher is an ethnic object of the American peoples that was treated as a protection amulet or talisman .

As the name suggests, a dreamcatcher protects the sleeping person from nightmares and lets only positive thoughts creep into their mind. But, in addition, it is considered that this power to filter good and bad energies not only takes place in the world of dreams but also, during the day to day, this amulet can protect the person who carries it from bad energies. .

Best tattoos for women - Dreamcatcher

Heart tattoo

Another tattoo design for girls is the one that includes hearts . The symbol of this tattoo can be related to multiple meanings: from the loving and romantic aspect to even a symbol of spirituality, harmony and human goodness.

Depending on the design you choose, the meaning may vary because if you choose to tattoo a half-broken or wounded heart you are reflecting the damage that has been done to you but that you have been able to overcome, if you choose to put wings to your design you are making a allegory of freedom, and so on.

The best tattoos for women - Heart tattoo

Bird tattoo

Another of the best options for a woman to get a tattoo is to opt for a design in which the birds are part . This animal is considered a symbol of freedom, especially if we opt for a design of birds taking flight or in mid-flight. But, in addition to this, birds can also signify peace, the reunion with heaven and, therefore, spirituality or mysticism.

Among the bird designs we can also find drawings that use eagles (representatives of force) or owls that symbolize intelligence and wisdom . Depending on the type of tattoo you choose, he will mean one thing or another. 

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