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Most Common Walking Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Improper pair of shoes

You probably already know that wearing high heels isn't a good idea. Tennis and basketball shoes have their own set of issues. The hardness of these court shoes aids swift sideways movement while limiting heel-to-toe flexibility, which is beneficial for walking. Look for a light, breathable, and water-resistant shoe with a well-padded heel. A walking shoe might operate just as well as a running shoe.

Uncomfortable fit

Your shoes will not give you with the support you require if they are too loose. They can rub and cause calluses or corns if they're too tight. They should feel at ease in the store: big enough for you to wriggle your toes without slipping around, but snug enough to keep your foot from sliding around. Shop later in the afternoon, when your feet are slightly swollen, to get a better idea of your genuine size.

Wardrobe malfunction

Clothing that is too tight and heavy might make walking uncomfortable. They should be loose, comfortable, and breathable so you can move freely and sweat or humidity won't soak them. As you get warmer, you can remove thin layers and replace them when you get cold. If the weather seems dicey, bring rain clothing, as well as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun (even on cloudy days or in winter).

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