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Opinion: Why Asians Have Small Eyes

Most Asians including Japanese, Chinese and Koreans tend to have smaller eyes than other ethnicities. However, this is not the case, Asian eyes are the same sizes as other people however they appear to be smaller due to their slanted shapes and there is a reason as to how and why Asians have developed slanted eyes.

Most Asian countries have extreme weather conditions due to wind and cold. Asian people therefore developed slanted eyes and single eyelids as an evolutionary response to this kind of weather.

Just like how we tend to squint or close the eyes on a really windy day so as to protect our eyes from the wind and flying particles. That is what the slanted eyes and the single eyelids do for the Asians, just biologically, instead of instinctively.

Single eyelids are due to epicanthic folds, which are little flaps of skin on the eyelid. Epicanthic folds are also common among the Khoisan, an African population that forms the oldest branch on the modern human family tree.

The lack of the epicanthic fold allows the eyelid to cover the innermost part of the eye, in order to give maximum protection.

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