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Guinness World Record Looming For Kenyan Man Who Owns Over 160 Unique Suits and 300 Stylish Hats

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Just like beauty, Fashion is a person's preference with different people enjoying different styles of clothing according to their fashion preferences. A Kenyan man identified as one James Maina Mwangi is on his way to conquering the world thanks to his unique test for Flashy suits. 

He grew up in abject poverty and struggled to own more than one shirt during his childhood. He recalls how he used to have one Sunday best shirt that he used to wash and wait for it to dry before putting it on again. 

He had a dream of owning decent clothes so that he can choose whichever color or style to put according to the occasion. Maina owns more than 160 Flashy suits and 300 hats. 

One thing that is common in his dress code, is that he always matches the colors from head to toe. To him, this is a privilege that he is grateful to God. He revealed that people from different parts of the world have been traveling to Kenya to meet him thanks to his dedication to fashion. 

Most of his suits are from South Africa, China, and other European countries. He is eyeing the Guinness record for the man who owns the most colorful suits in the world. 

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