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Here Are The 3 Major Kenyan Communities And Their Favorite Dress Code And Colors

While Kenyans can be cunning, faking their background with accents, grooming and choice residences West of Uhuru Highway; their dress codes almost always betrays their ethnic backgrounds.

Every kenyan community has their favourite dress code and colour. Here we are going to discuss some kenyan communities and their favorite color.

1. Kikuyu

Kikuyu is the largest tribe in kenya with the most population. As any other community kikuyu's have their own dress code. Kikuyu men love black jacket, savco jeans and cowboy boots. For the musicians have a great taste for godfather hat.

They also have a traditional regalia that resembles brown. They love wearing them during traditional ceremonies.

2. kamba

Kambas can be easily indentified by their dress code. They are known for their love of shouting colours, the likes of yellow, red and green. They claim that the colors shows their calmness, togetherness, peace and their warmness towards the people. Yellow is their favorite color.

3. Kalenjins

Kalenjins also have their own dress code as other kenyan communities. Kalenjin men love brown leather jackets. They claim that it that it is the colour of Gold medal hence it’s a source of pride in the community. Kale's also claim that it is favourable for any weather and long lasting.

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