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10 Things That Make Men Look Less Manly

1. Earrings

They are polarizing. It’s a split of opinion that you are less manly if you choose to wear them.

2. Many bracelets

Wear a bracelet or two but no more. They add style and flair and if you overdo it, you look less manly.

3. Hats

They give other people the perception that you are youthful and younger. If you want to be perceived as more manly, don’t wear a baseball hat especially not backward.

4. Watches

If you don’t wear one, you are not sending the message that you are reliable and responsible.

Smartwatches look less manly and more youthful; (3) mechanical watches with straps and faces are perceived as more manly.

5. Drawstring bag

They are less manly than even a regular backpack and if you want to be perceived more manly, choose a subdued backpack or a crossbody bag.

6. Overstuff wallet

Invest in a slim wallet for your ID, credit card, and cash.

7. Not wearing a belt

You look less manly with pants hanging off your ass. A belt finishes an outfit and makes you look better.

8. Skinny ties

They are out, not popular, and not stylish. You need a more substantial tie.

9. Wearing a ton of rings

Wear one ring per hand. Go simple and subtle — a simple subtle band or signet ring are optimal.

10. Facial piercings and belly button rings

You will be perceived as less mature and less manly.

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