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Common Dressing Blunders And How To Fix It (Photos)

Common Dressing Blunders And How To Fix It (Photos)

It is true to say that we are not perfect sometimes whenever we dress. A times we should have people on our sides to assist us assemble the best dressing tips and styles. Nonetheless, many people have established their dressing plans and tips that will assist us. In this regard, I am going to showcase some of the common mistakes that bothe men and women make and how we csn be able to fix them.

1. Folding your long sleaved shirt to you elbow is wrong- incase, it should be folded carefully to the middle of your elbow and arms.

2. Wearing short dresses in suit with coats or blouses- in any case you want to wear short dresses, you should try hard to mix with different colored blouses.

3. Wearing a T-Shirt with long dresses is also not appealing as you can see below.




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