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8 Body Features That You Should Not Be Ashamed Of

Pruney fingers

You don’t have to worry because this condition is caused by the natural process of shrinking blood vessels. When you spend some time in the water, the nervous system sends impulses to your blood vessels which causes your body to responds. The loss of blood volume makes your vessels get thinner and the skin folds

Facial hair

Everyone is born with hair on their bodies both men and women, and facial hair is no exception. But excessive hair growth should only be a concern among women in some cases, like if there’s voice deepening, increased muscle mass or male pattern balding.

A short thumb

Brachydactyly is a situation when the finger with its nail is shorter than usual. This is a genetic feature and there’s nothing dangerous about it. And therefore, if you have this feature, it’s a part of your individuality that makes you one of a kind.

Hairy arms

Actually most women have wondered if they should shave their arms or not. The reality is that this should be totally your own choice because femininity or masculinity can’t be measured by the absence or presence of hair on your body. As for facial hair, it’s not a concern, except for some cases, which I have already mentioned above.

Wrinkles on the elbows

It is absolutely normal to loose skin around your elbows and allows your joints to move. Remember that the skin in this area can become saggier during the aging process, and if it disturbs you, just moisturize it more. After all, there is nothing abnormal about having wrinkles around your elbows.

Tooth gap

The fact here is that, perfection is an abstract concept and there are no rules that say teeth shouldn’t have any gaps. This is just an individual perception that matters. There are many celebs with gaps in their teeth that are considered beautiful, like Dakota Johnson and Vanessa Paradis.

Stretch marks

If you have stretch marks, you’ve likely experienced something like, growth spurts due to puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight loss or gain or rapid muscle growth. There’s absolutely no need to be worried about stretch marks simply because you don’t have to look like a perfect picture in a magazine in real life. The most important thing is taking care of your health.

BirthmarksHuman beings can have birthmarks absolutely anywhere on their body, like on the face, eyes, and ears. It’s a part of your individuality. But you should be sure to take care of their condition, check on their color and shape, and get appropriate medical tests.

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